Friday, 31 July 2015

Outfit: The only boy who could ever teach me

Black velvet skater dress: StyleMoi ~ White collar: DIY ~ Kitty purrrse: H&M ~ Ruffled socks: Topshop ~ Platform boots: Demonia ~ Necklaces: Regalrose

To be honest... I have absolutely NO clue why I didn't get this velvet dress earlier. It's absolutely perfect and the moment I saw it I instantly had an idea how to style it. With the white DIY collar and the ruffled socks it has this Sunday school look to it which is balanced out by the length (= shortness) of the skirt and the fishnet tights.
Cute + sexy is a very powerful mixture when it comes to combining different styles and probably the one that requires the most consideration. You know you've done it right when people are like... "Oh wow, that look is so sexy! But wait... why? Lots of cleavage? No. Lots of naked skin? No. Super tight fit? No. High heels? No. ... Weird."
This look will most definitely accompany me on many (weekend) trips abroad as it looks so "complete" and put together without taking a lot of space. Just this dress and accessories, that's it.


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