Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Outfit: With my tiny little hands I'm building castles in the sand

Kimono: ~ Fringe crop top: C&A ~ Ruffled shorts: swapped ~ Platform sandals: River Island

Hi lovelies <3

This is not one of my usual colour combos but I still like it. This outfit is a perfect combo of witchy and gypsy elements. When I spotted the fringed crop top I knew this would go with just about any summer outfit so I had to get it. The beautiful lace kimono is from LalaLiLo and it's THE item that comes in handy when the evening gets a little cooler or you just need to spice up a plain top. No - the kimono and the shorts (it's actually not a skirt) did not come as a set. I was pretty surprised myself when I realized they match perfectly. I was never much of a kimono person and I only have a few but I got interested in kimonos recently as there are so many beautiful styles to choose from. So I'll probably keep an eye on them and get some in the near future :)


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