Sunday, 18 October 2015

Challenge: Style Reinvention

Notice anything odd about this outfit? No? Well, what if I told you that the entire outfit actually consists of menswear?
I'm not kidding you. When Farfetch invited me to take part in their Style Reinvention challenge I was absolutely thrilled. The task: create a girl's outfit. The twist: I was only allowed to use items from the menswear section except for one single womenswear item. This is the result. Except for the shoes, my one single womenswear item, everything you see is actually menswear.
At first I wasn't quite sure how to start. Boyfriend jeans probably would've been the obvious choice for such a challenge but I generally don't feel like going with the obvious. So I decided to simply create an outfit I would love to wear myself on one of October's foggy days.
As per usual my base colour is black as it's versatile and classy and I decided to add some autumn-y berry tones. A fluffy sweater to wrap up in is definitely one of my fall must-haves. The asymmetric coat was love at first sight - I would totally get it if I were rich and famous :D Instead of a necklace I decided to add a scarf that matches the jumper. I followed through with the colour theme in the clutch, watch and statement ring. Then I added a studded belt and studded bracelet for a little contrast to tone down the pink fluffiness a bit. And then of course my signature piece - the fedora hat. No autumn outfit is complete without it <3
When I chose my one single womenswear item I decided to go with these badass metal tip boots as heels are the little something that adds instant femininity to ANY outfit. In this case it wouldn't even have been necessary though as the whole outfit is totally ready to be pulled off by a girl already.
The outfit was not only fun to create, it also made me question what makes an outfit appear feminine or masculine. Is it the colours? The cuts? The material? The number of accessories? I'm really in the mood for browsing the menswear section at my favourite shops now in search for gems I might have never noticed before :)

So, what do you think? Who of you would wear this, ladies? Would you have noticed it's not actually a girl's outfit? Let me know! :)


Full list of items:
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Asymmetric coat

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