Monday, 5 October 2015

Outfit: My God is the sun

Blouse: DressIn ~ Skirt: vintage ~ Fringe bag: DressIn ~ Belt: vintage ~ Jewelry: PSAPPA, Regalrose, vintage

Hey everyone! I'm back amongst the living! Also, uni started again last Friday but for some mysterious reason I'm really glad about it. Holidays sure are amazing but after 2.5 months I really crave some new food for my brain :)
This outfit is one of my absolute faves and it has existed in my head for a very VERY long time before I even found the items to actually create it. I always knew it had to be a black top with a bit of a twist so I decided to wear this blouse with lace and cutouts at the shoulders. It's still pretty boho-y and interesting with its little details but still doesn't draw the attention away from this insanely perfect skirt. I had been looking for an orange/reddish boho maxi skirt for ages and ages and ages until I met this beauty in a vintage store in Amsterdam. I tried on about 10 skirts and spent such a long time in this shop that the shop assistants probably already grew suspicious. But then I got this babe and I've been wearing it so many times already in late summer. It's also perfect for fall as I can basically invisibly wear as many layers of warm tights underneath as I like. If I had to name my favourite item I picked up this summer it would SO be this skirt! Now in my head the perfect skirt of course would have the perfect belt and it would be black and it would have studs/buckles. This beauty was a real bargain, also at a tiny vintage store in Amsterdam. To complete the gypsy inspired look I added my beloved fringe bag I got at DressIn recently. I added some of my fav necklaces from PSAPPA, Regalrose and a vintage one from mum because boho is supposed to be worn with lots of jewelry, right? :3
The look was the perfect choice for last Saturday with its 23°C / 73° F and will look lovely during fall with the right jacket! Bring it on, autumn!

There's still going to be a jewelry post! Stay tuned!


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