Friday, 23 October 2015

Outfit: My sign is vital, my hands are cold

Faux suede fringe jacket: Topshop ~ Pants (!): YOINS ~ Turtleneck top: Orsay (old!) ~ Belt: vintage

Heeeello wonderful people!
Quite a stressful week but here I am with a new outfit post :) In my last post I already introduced you to this fantastic fringe jacket and I really wanted you to see it "in action" :D I wore this outfit to the movies recently and what I love about it is that it's kind of minimalistic and then again it isn't. I often said that I'm not really into the minimalism trend (when it comes to fashion) and that's still true - I like the clean look of these outfits but I still crave something interesting and maybe even a bit imperfect. The little extra twist. So although this look is all black and has a somewhat clean silhouette to it the fringed jacket and the vintage belt add some spice to it.
Now for the pants... yes, those are actually pants. The last time I owned pants like these was probably 15 years ago if I remember correctly. So with all the 90s and 2000s stuff returning I thought it was about time to give them some attention again as well. They're obviously extremely comfy and flowy but they're also a real eye-catcher. Although they're just plain black they get you all the stares because people are like "What's that? Pants? A skirt? A dress? Oh nooo, she already noticed that I'm staring!" :D They're also the perfect item for a day when you're really not sure whether you're in the mood for pants or a skirt or a dress but actually wanna stay in your pyjamas. We all have these days, admit it. The best thing about them though is that they're one of the very few items that are comfy and elegant at the same time. With a classy blouse and some heels I would actually even wear them to the theatre. Thumbs up for versatility!

What's your opinion? Would you wear super wide cut pants? What would you pair them with?

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. wowis issuch a perfect look
    and the hair is amazing, lovely

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  2. I would love to find a pair to fit my tiny height, when I do, I'll be snapping it up in multiples