Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Outfit: Don't you forget about me

Tassle shirt dress: CNDirect ~ Leather jacket: Mango (old) ~ Faux suede fringe bag: DressIn ~ Boots: swapped ~ Leaf necklace: H&M (old)

There are colour combos that always work fabulously like black/white or brown/beige. Combos that you can't go wrong with. And then there's black/brown. Many people think that wearing brown shoes with a black dress or vice versa is a total fashion no-no. I disagree. Black and brown can be a great match but they have to be combined carefully. It shouldn't look like you simply didn't have matching shoes to go with your dress. I guess the main point about it is doing black & brown from head to toe to create an outfit that really looks like it's supposed to look like that. To create a consistent whole. Once you achieved that it'll open up completely new possibilities to match items you never thought could work together. The result of me giving it a try is this very comfy autumn look. The tassle shirt dress has a loose fit which is perfect as it's not only comfy but it's also still comfy after you had a burger with fries. I tested this. I love clothes with extra room for food - but we'll get to that in another post when I'm gonna show you the pants that restored my faith in clothing producers. To match the fringed hemline I added my good ol' fringe bag you already know from previous posts. The leather jacket (make sure to check out my soon-to-come jacket post for my thoughts on vegetarians and leather) has been in my wardrobe for a couple of years. It's a trusty companion that goes with many different outfits and always adds a stylish twist. The golden leaf necklace has also been a favourite of mine for years. It's an eyecatcher but still gives the rest of the outfit room to shine and it matches the season perfectly -it's one of my fav accessories in autumn.

Have a great week adventurers!



  1. I totally agree with what you've written about black/brown combination. I absolutely love it :) If you get it right, it can be a flawless pairing. Love this look xx

  2. Great post!!! In love with your style <3