Monday, 12 October 2015

Jewelry: Lady of the Rings

Good things come to those who wait. Way back in July I decided that I needed more rings. So I started browsing the internet to find some and finally ordered 3 (top on ring finger, top and bottom on thumb) from the lovely people at Empty Casket. And I started waiting for them to arrive. Unfortunately the very awesome company who was supposed to deliver them rang my doorbell while I was at work and didn't consider it necessary to leave me a message that I could pick up my package at a shop nearby. So it was lying there at the shop for days and days and days while I was still waiting and waiting and waiting for the package. It was eventually sent back to the UK and had already arrived there when I realized (on August 20th!) what was going on. I messaged the people at Empty Casket and asked them to send the package again and they did at NO shipping cost which was just SO lovely. This time the package arrived only 4 short days later <3 In the meantime though I had raided my mum's jewelry box (bottom and middle on middle finger, middle on index finger, middle on thumb) and had also visited a local market where I got quite a few other awesome pieces. I especially love the tiny ring that fits my little finger and the huge turquoise one with the feather on the ring finger. I added my Regalrose crescent moon ring and I will probably now move on to bracelets :D Which is gonna be hard as I unfortunately have the most ridiculously skinny wrists on earth and I'm not even exaggerating (it's genetic). If you have any suggestions for websites/shops/brands who sell awesome bracelets please feel free to message me :)

So what do you guys think of my new acquisitions? Are you into stacking rings or do you prefer to wear one or two selected pieces only? Let me know!


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  1. 1 ring would do for me, I can't deal with stacking rings all over my fingers! Turquoise rings are the best though