Thursday, 14 July 2016

Outfit: Driftwood and marble

Long print blouse: Dezzal ~ Backpack: Zaful ~ Iridescent platforms: Vagabond ~ 3D printed Chronos ring: The rogue + The wolf

This is pretty much what I looked like the entire last week. This print blouse from Dezzal was such a lucky find as it has this mid-thigh length I'd been looking for and it's also a fab addition to my collection of decent looking blouses which included about... one... so far (I'm really completely unprepared for situations like job interviews...). So I've been wearing this beauty for just about any occasion lately from dinner with my parents to a presentation at uni. I love how you can wear it as a long blouse or as a short dress and you can pretty easily dress it down by wearing it open with a pair of shorts :) I am absolutely in love with the print as I can't really decide whether it's supposed to look like an actual material like marble or just an abstract pattern. It's so much more interesting than just a plain black or white blouse but it still looks elegant and fits in with my style. This item is such a keeper!
You already know the backpack - I have no idea how I could ever live without it. I'm actually even considering ordering this exact one again to keep it as a back up backpack (this is probably my fav word of all time :D).

OMG guys, only one more exam left for this semester! Can't wait to be a free agent and do all the amazing stuff I have planned. Hope you guys remember that I promised something HUGE for after the exams ;) And by HUGE I mean HUGE.

Stay tuned!


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