Monday, 25 July 2016

Summer dress series - Part 2: Lucia

White lace dress: Zaful ~ Tree branch necklace: Zaful ~ Socks: Topshop ~ Mary Janes: Topshop

Welcome back to part 2 of my summer dress series :) This beauty is from Zaful and it's a super versatile, lightweight and comfy must-have for summer. Usually when I get something new I take photos for you guys first before I actually start wearing and spilling food on it. However with this dress I absolutely couldn't resist. After my last exam on Tuesday I just threw it on and headed downtown with my friend to celebrate :) It was the perfect companion on this amazing hot summer day. Luckily I didn't spill raspberry dressing on it :D Now for this look I really wanted to do something a bit more magical. The dress instantly reminded me of the Scandinavian Lucia festival so I really felt like creating a matching look. White lace and a flower crown would always be my go-to combo for a magical summer look. Now if you'll be walking around a lot or if you aren't into high heels feel free to pair this dress with other types of shoes as long as they go with the fairy-like look.

I added my new tree branch necklace as it goes really well with the nature theme of the flowers. It is so subtle and beautiful and it even allows you to combine a nature inspired style with a modern style. 

The socks and heels I got from Topshop quite a while ago. They add an elegant and unique twist to the entire outfit. Now usually Lucia would be wearing candles in her flower crown. I figured this might be a bit too dangerous though :D Don't try this at home kids!

Alright - the third part of my summer dress series will be up on Wednesday!


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  1. It is such a pretty dress! Looking beautiful! :)

    And I'm really glad you decided to wear those gorgeous stiletto heels with it! :)

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