Friday, 29 July 2016

Outfit: Wallflower

Fringed floral kimono: Dezzal ~ Choker + necklaces: Zaful ~ Black crop top: Dresslink ~ Belt bracelet: Rings & Tings ~ Platforms: Salt & Pepper

Good morning everyone!
Now that I've showed you a couple of very bright dresses in my last posts here's some black again :) Because... black! This fringed kimono is such a beauty *.* The rose details are absolutely stunning and the whole kimono is quite heavy and very high quality. My fav way to wear this piece is definitely with an all black look. Although this kimono is elegant and doesn't exactly scream for attention it still doesn't seem to tolerate any rivaling patterns or colors. The rose details are such an eyecatcher all by themselves and a black background really brings out their colors. I love how this kimono is suitable for occasions that require elegant clothing but still totally fits in with my style (which is sometimes a bit hard for me because I like distressed tights and stuff :D). And as I mentioned a while ago I'm somehow obsessed with black + rose patterns. (Quick ramble: I talked to a friend lately about how style changes over time and during that conversation I mentioned that my style is basically back to what I liked when I was 12-14. The combo black + romantic is really my earliest style obsession I can remember. I guess at that age we simply don't care what's "appropriate" and just go "If I were a grown-up, I would totally wear this and that!". And that's probably closest to what we really like. TLDR: I have the style of a 12 year old. :D End of ramble.) Now let's talk about jewelry.

I simply can't get enough of chokers. This one has a little pearl attached to it and it even came in a set with two necklaces. I've been wearing them a lot this week and they might actually be my accessories of choice for our local music festival this weekend :) Chokers are definitely by far my fav type of necklaces :) Also, I was surprised that it fits so well. Usually my neck is just too skinny for chokers (fingers too skinny for rings, wrists too skinny for bracelets... hips definitely NOT too skinny for H&M pants... -.-) but this one fits perfectly - yay! :)
I added my beloved belt bracelet from Rings & Tings - their accessories work with any outfit! Also, in the picture above you can see the rose detail very well - isn't it gorgeous?

What are your plans for the weekend lovelies? :) Have a good one!


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