Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Outfit: The Godfather

Black side slit coat: Dezzal ~ White shirt dress: SheIn similar here ~ Triangle necklace: Staceyjewellery ~ Triangle earrings: Staceyjewellery ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

The idea for this outfit just... struck me somehow. I didn't have to try items on and play around with them - I just threw them on and everything seemed to match. While I generally have awfully many clothes there's a massive shortage in my closet when it comes to outerwear (probably because jackets and coats are usually more expensive than tank tops and skirts). Especially for "medium-cold" nights like cooler summer or warmer autumn nights that require a light jacket there's almost nothing in my wardrobe. So I thought this light coat was a super fab addition to my pretty much non-existent outerwear collection. What I love about it is that it's actually a coat for summer and I never owned anything like this before. It looks like a coat - just lighter, it looks like a blazer - just longer. I already wore it twice when I was out and about with my girls last weekend and it felt like this coat upgraded my entire outfit. Also, you can obviously wear it for formal occasions but it can totally do casual as well with rolled up sleeves, some shorts and/or some platforms or sneakers (I could SO imagine this coat with those black and white Nike sneakers everyone's currently wearing). Following through with the "blazer, just longer" theme I added a white shirt - just longer. The white shirt dress is an old fav of mine. There are similar ones out there though that'll work just fine with this look :) As for jewelry I opted for something that absolutely fit in with the clean black and white look I created here. I got a matching necklace + earrings set at Stacey where I also got the mixed metals cuff bracelet I showed you recently.

I'm actually wearing both the necklace and the earrings in this look but I'm so so bad at taking proper pictures of my own ears :D So here they are :) The pieces are minimalist enough to go with many different looks but still have the little pearl as an eyecatcher. They complete the look without dominating it which is an attribute I'm definitely looking for in jewelry. Also, I love how this set of three triangle pieces again creates a visual triangle between my ears and my neck :) People usually don't consciously notice things like that but they still perceive that the look appears well-balanced.

Have a great week everyone! Remember, you're still in for a massive surprise ;)


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