Friday, 12 August 2016

Outfit: Harvest moon

Paisley print skirt: Zaful ~ Oversized sweater: Supré ~ Autumn leaves earrings: Zaful ~ Moon choker: Twirly Trinkets ~ Belt: vintage ~ Platforms: Deichmann

Yeah, this is tough but let's face it guys: this is an autumn outfit. Because in fact what's going on outside my window is NOT summer (the day I shot this outfit was cold but still a lot nicer actually). It's so depressing how winter in Brazil or Australia is so much warmer than our summer. But yeah...

I've been obsessing over this paisley print skirt for a long time (it was actually on one of my wishlists :3) so I finally decided to get it. I love the print and the colors so much it'll definitely be one of my fav pieces this autumn. I instantly knew how I wanted to wear this skirt and what I wanted to pair it with. When I took a closer look I realized that this is pretty much the autumn version of my V-Day look. It's actually kinda creepy because AGAIN I went to my place and forgot my memory card, AGAIN I shot this look at my parents' house and AGAIN I went for the skirt + belt + sweater/jacket + overknee socks outfit formula. As I mentioned in my V-Day post this combo just always works and I love it with this oversized sweater. If I had to choose my favorite kind of autumn outfit I'd definitely go for a super cozy warm sweater, a skirt and warm socks or tights (depending on the temperature) as it looks put together and a lot more interesting than what I usually see in the streets in autumn.
Now as always I didn't manage to take good pictures of my earrings while they were on my ears but here they are.

I am so in love with the morbid decaying look they have to them. I mean, everyone makes flower or feather or leaf earrings but nobody makes decaying leaf earrings ... well, Zaful do! They are the perfect match for an autumn outfit especially if you wanna express a lot of dark sarcasm about how summer totally let you down this year :D Alright, let's look at the bright side again :)

Have an awesome weekend adventurers!


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